Breathing monitors

Snuza has been developing baby movement monitors, using leading edge bio-sensory technology, since 2007. The monitors are aimed at monitoring a baby’s breathing movement and alerting parents of any incidents where the breathing movement has stopped.

2022 Snuza has been rewarded as best baby movement and breathing monitor on the market by  

Snuza® HeroMD is a medically certified product and the world’s first portable infant apnoea monitor, clinically proven to detect when a baby stops breathing. Snuza® HeroMD will continuously monitor your baby's breathing and if breathing stops, it will gently vibrate after 15 seconds to rouse your baby and alarm after another 5 seconds if breathing has not resumed. 

See a short video of the basic features of Snuza® HeroMD  

Snuza® Pico monitor your baby's breathing movement, sleep patterns, temperature and sleeping position, all in one smart and mobile device with an additional app to download on a smartphone or iPad. Snuza Pico monitors your baby's tummy movements and vibrates after 15 seconds without recorded movements and alerts you with an alarm if the vibration doesn’t get the baby to breath.

Snuza Pico also monitors the baby's sleep-pattern, temperature and sleeping position. When your baby gets older, sleep analysis becomes the primary cause for continuing using Snuza Pico.

See a short video of the basic features of Snuza Pico  

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